Illusion Film Production with Hollywood Union and noun-union crew focus on script, principal photography, editing, SFX, original sound score, and much more.

Working along President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, as executive producer, as well as Emmy Award winner director as supervisor.

Illusion Film Productions produces short films, feature films, co-productions, commercials,  web series/film and VR.




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Short Film 

A hard working yet spineless Chinese father works his every magic to please his pop-star crazed teenager. After she destroys everything he’s worked for he finally sells his kidney so that she can meet her obsession. But it’s never enough, and as her attitude and ingratitude grows and becomes more apparent to her father he finally whacks over the head.



Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival | Best Drama

<Life is horrible>

Web Series

Life is Horrible is a horror comedy on ordinary folks who suddenly found themselves in extraordinary, usually supernatural, situations. The stories would typically end with an ironic twist.


Awards & Official Selections:

International Independent Permanent Memories Festival 

IndieFEST Film Awards

International Independent Film Festival

Largo Film Awards

Los Angeles CineFest

Los Angeles Film Awards

MMTB International Film Festival

Monologue Film Festival

Ouchy Film Awards

Prince of Prestige Academy Award

Silicon Beach Film Festival

Stockholm Independent Festival

StoneFair International Film Festival

Sweet As Film Festival

Top Shorts Online Film Festival

Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival

United International Film Festival

Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival

Woodengate International Film Festival


successful cases



<Never Gone>

Release Date: 2016/07/08

Domestic Box-Office:$337M

Director:Tuoru Zhou

Casts: Kris Wu / Yifei Liu / Shijia Jin / Qin Lee / Meng Lee

North-America Production Company

<you Are my Sunshine>

Release Date: 2015/04/30

Domestic Box-office:$354M

Director:Wenjun Yang / Bin Huang

Casts: Xiaoming Huang / Mi Yang / Dawei Tong / Ying Yang / Yilin Xie / Zitao Huang / Chong Chen / Sui He

North-America Production Company

<Run for Love>


Domestic Box-office:$47M

Directors:Yibai Zhang/ Hu Guan / Meng Zhang/ Huatao Teng / Qunshu Gao

Casts: Ziyi Zhang / Yuyan Peng / Liya Tong / Dongyu Zhou / Jing Liang / Yi Zhang / Mochou Wu / Qianyuan Wang / Yanxi Chen

North-America Production Company


<LA L.O.L>

Release Date: 2017

Director:Jimmy Luk

Cast: Xitong Lin/Wei Ai/Wenci Zhang/Wenhui Huang/Songzhi Zhang  

LA L.O.L. , web-series/film has been co-produced by both American film investors and Hong Kong film investors. The whole project has been filmed in Los Angeles in the year 2016.

North-American Production Company

<The Great Guys>

Release Date: 2017

Director:Jin Zhang

Production Company

-Awarded by San Francisco Film Festival:
 Best New Director
 Best New Screenwriter
-Nominated by San Diego international kids' film festival.

<Once More>

Short Film

Director:Rachel Zhou

Production Company

-Famous TV star from TVB Selena Lee starring as the main actress.

-Reputable Film/TV screenwriter & director, twiceEmmy Award winner Victoria Hochberg as the executive producers.


Awards & Official Selections: 

European Cinematography Awards | Best Actress

Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival | Best Drama

Los Angeles Film Awards | Best Actress